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Young & Franklin Inc. is a privately held US manufacturer of precision, high quality fluid controls for the industrial energy and aerospace market segments. Original equipment manufacturers and asset owners from across the globe look to Young & Franklin for fluid control solutions with the highest quality, reliability and maximum durability.

3010 Series EMA Unchoked Flow Gas Control Valves

A family of electrically actuated single seat precision gas fuel control valves available in a variety of sizes of choked and unchoked flow configurations.  The 3010 Series features balanced valve design, fail-safe spring closure for added safety and reliability, and feedback obtained through a resolver or optional LVDT.

8650 Series Electric Inlet Guide Vane Actuator

Eliminates operational and maintenance issues associated with using CT lube oil for hydraulic actuation, is scalable with forces up to 40,000 lbf, and has a drop-in footprint for easy replacement of many earlier hydraulic units.

8580 Series Gas Control

Fast and reliable control and shutoff of gas fuel flow to the combustion system of a large industrial or utility gas turbine.

8277 Series Inlet Guide Vane Actuator

The most robust hydraulic product available for air control. Designed for use on large turbines, this dither resistant actuator operates from 1200 psi to 1700 psi of hydraulic pressure and is modularly designed for different cylinder sizes.