Young & Franklin Inc. (YF) is a US manufacturer of precision, high quality valves & actuators for the industrial gas turbine market. Original equipment manufacturers and asset owners from across the globe look to YF for turbine air and fuel control solutions with the highest quality, durability and reliability.

  • Electric vs Hydraulic Chart

    Make the switch.
    Save big.

    Young & Franklin's line of Electrically Actuated Products eliminate all issues and costs associated with your hydraulic system.

  • 3010 Series Valves

    Low maintenance.
    VERY low maintenance.

    3010 Series Electromechanically Actuated Gas Control Valves from Young & Franklin use no lube oil: lowering maintenance costs and improving safety. The estimated time between maintenance cycles is 96,000 hours.

  • 7500 Before and After

    Good as new.
    Better, actually.

    Young & Franklin’s factory trained technicians are qualified to restore your gas control valves and guide vane actuators to “Time Zero” or “Same-as-New” condition using only specified OEM parts, design improvements and procedures.

  • Electric IGV Actuator

    Can lift objects over
    70 times its own weight.

    Coming in at 570 lbs, the Electric Inlet Guide Vane Actuator’s maximum force is 40,000 lbs. That’s 20 tons; the equivalent of 14 Toyota Corollas, 3 school buses, 2 garbage trucks or a fully outfitted mobile home.

  • Quick Shutoff Valve

    Faster than the
    blink of an eye.

    The average blink of an eye lasts about 400 milliseconds. 8654 Series Quick Shut-Off Valves from Young & Franklin trip in less than 150 milliseconds.

Young & Franklin News

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