8413 Liquid Fuel Stop Valve Assembly

  • 8413 Liquid Fuel Stop Valve Assembly

    8413 Liquid Fuel Stop Valve Assembly

Y&F 8413 Series Three-Way Fuel Oil Stop Valve and Actuator Assembly provides on/off control of liquid fuel for large industrial turbines and is CE/PED approved. 

The valve is normally closed to turbine and is held in the bypass position with a spring. A hydraulic cylinder provides the opening force for the valve by overcoming the spring force, fluid forces and friction and allowing flow to the turbine. The valve is hydraulically tripped to allow hydraulic pressure to be dumped during a trip function which closes the valve to the turbine. A limit switch which is normally closed, opens when flow is allowed to the turbine.

  • Large turbine liquid fuel shutoff control
  • Common design for all turbine sizes
  • Cylinder pressure rating: 3000 psi
  • Operating hydraulic pressure: 1200 to 1600 PSIG
  • Hydraulic trip pressure: 60 PSIG
  • Body size and rating: 3", 1400 PSIG, 375 GPM
  • Temperature range:
    Fuel oil: 0°F to 275°F
    Ambient: 30°F to 150°F
  • Internal shutoff leakage: Class IV per ANSI B16.104
  • External leakage: Zero @ 1200 PSIG
  • Valve opening time: 1.5 seconds maximum
  • Valve closing time: 0.5 seconds maximum

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